Carmen Diaz

Carmen Diaz

Studio Owner - Leading Instructor

Hi, I’m Carmen.
I’m committed and dedicated to teaching others how to develop their bodies to achieve pain free movement, to live everyday with energy and vitality.


Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness

Carmen is a fully certified Pilates instructor holding a Diploma in Pilates and Movement Therapy and is fully accredited member of the Pilates Australian Alliance. 

Carmen has always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. She is focussed on understanding the human body and its capacity for movement.

Carmen is always looking for ways to integrate new challenges into her workouts, at the same time maintaining Pilates core principles

Carmen continues to further her Pilates training attending workshops  and seminars with leading Pilates Master Trainers and Practitioners nationally and internationally.

When not teaching her passion for Pilates keeps her active with her own practise on a daily basis. During any other spare time she enjoys going to the beach, and spending time with her family.