Private - Equipment


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Constant attention and guidance to enhance precision and performance within your Pilates class.

Duet Sessions - Equipment


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Share your training and learning with a friend in a private environment


Group - Equipment


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Pilates programs conducted in a small group setting (maximum three participants per class).

Barre Pilates


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Low impact, high-intensity cardiovascular benefits for a balanced, lean, whole-body workout.



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Matwork Pilates Classes are fun full-body workouts based on a series of mat-based exercises

Circuit Pilates


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A new style of Pilates training that brings the principles of Pilates, concepts and challenge of circuit training.

Diaz Pilates has a range of different options when it comes to pricing and purchasing classes, from a simple casual one-off pass to buying classes in bulk of 10 for private, double, 3 people equipment and floor group classes (Barre, Matwork, circuit Pilates).

All the 10 Class Pass are valid for 12 months from purchase, unused clases cannot be carried forward after the expiry date.

Group clases 10 Session Pack – $150 

Private Equipment clases 10 Session Pack – $450

Duet Equipment classes 10 Session Pack – $270

Group Equipment clases 10 Session Pack – $225